Heat Probes

Part Number: MFPROBE

Temperature options available (60°C, 90°C, 120°C, 130°C, 150°C, 180°C, 210°C, 240°C)

  • Solid stainless steel heat detector
  • Open contact closing at preset desired temperature setting (60°C)
  • IP67 Rating
  • Ideal for locations such as freezers, kitchen range hoods, corrosive and other hazardous areas

Product Details

+/– 5% or 5 degrees
0.25A max
Operating Temperature
+60ºC to +240ºC
Voltage AC
32V max (0.25A)
Voltage DC
32V max (0.25A)

More Information


  • AS1603.1-1995 Tested - Type E Heat Detector
  • Activefire Listed (CSIRO Aust. Govt.) 
  • Patent No. 699529


  • Resetting type heat detector 
  • Rate compensation & fast response 
  • Wide temperature range 
  • Gold plated electrical contacts 
  • Corrosion & shock resistant
  • Intrinsically safe: classed as a simple apparatus and installed with a suitable I.S. barrier


This heat probe detector is a heat sensitive electrical switch. It is a fixed temperature device with a factory pre-set temperature in the range 60 ºC to 240 ºC. The detector comprises a pair of normally open electrical contacts mounted within a stainless steel probe. A rise in temperature will cause the contacts to close at the set point temperature. With a drop in temperature the procedure reverses and the contacts re-open below the set point temperature. The detector body is a seamless one-piece unit, precision machined from AISI 316 stainless steel with high corrosion resistance. Electrical contacts are gold/silver plated and lead cables are nickel plated copper with PTFE/glass insulation. Cables are to aircraft engine specification. The operating parts are factory calibrated and sealed against severe environmental conditions, further adjustment or calibration is not required.

Temperature Settings

Detectors may be set to any nominated operating temperature between 60 and 240 degree Celsius. Suggested temperature setting 20°C above maximum ambient.


Normal Locations: The unit is mounted using the 20mm electrical conduit screw thread to a standard junction box or equivalent. Apply silicone sealant to cable joints if there is a risk of water or chemical exposure. Avoid pulling electrical cables or causing cables to be in tension. 

Identification Stamping on Hex 

  • Serial numbers are 4 or 5 digits, e.g. ‘10000’ 
  • Set temperature in degrees Celsius, e.g. ‘120°C’