Smoke Pen with 6 Wicks


The smoke pen works like a mechanical pencil. A patented smoke-emitting wick is inserted into the convenient to use pen, adjust the wick to provide 10mm or 3/8” of exposed wick, light the wick with a match or lighter. The smoke pen will provide a continuous trail of smoke. The smoke pen can then be easily extinguished by simply replacing the protective cover. The smoke pen can now be stored and are-used for next test.

This non-toxic, cool burning emitter is ideal for air balancing, verifying ventilation, testing smoke alarms tests for negative or positive pressure and the list goes on.

  • Used for tests of ventilation, smoke detectors, drafts and air flows
  • Includes 1 x smoke pen & 6 Wicks providing up to 3 hours of continuous smoke or 360 individual 30 second tests flows

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