Hydrant Dual Tube Flowmeter

Part Number: MFHFT-2D
  • Mains power NOT required
  • Flowmeters can be in LPM or LPS
  • Flowmeters includes totaliser
  • Cabinet is manufactured in powder coated aluminium
  • Model PF-2D incorporates two independent and different sized flow tubes for both hose reels and hydrants, together with two independent digital flowmeters
  • The hosereel flow tube has 3/4” BSPT male connections
  • An isolating valve is provided to switch the pressure gauge bet ween the two flow tubes

Product Details

+/- 1% F.S.D. (on pressure gauge) +/- 2% F.S.D. up to 1200 LPM & 3% from 1200 to 1800 LPM (on 2½" line) +/- 2% F.S.D. up to 120 LPM & 3% from 120 to 180 LPM (on 3/4" line)
W510 x D310 x H230mm (cabinet size)
0/1800 L/min (2½" Tube) 180L/min (3/4" Tube)
Gross Mass
12.5kg (approx)
Pressure Gauge Range
0/1000kPa (optional 0/1600kPa)