Fire Pillow Medium 200 x 200mm

Part Number: MFFPM
  • Reusable – allows for opening and re - opening of penetrations
  • Non - Toxic, simple to install
  • Easy to carry, transport and store
  • Low cost solution to maintain fire wall and floor integrity
  • Complies with all relevant Australian standards
  • Tested for up to three hours fire protection.
  • FirePillow - 240 can be used with other brands of fire rated pillows

Product Details

AS1530.4 (1997), AS407 2.1 (1992)
200 x 200 x 40mm
Single Units

More Information

Product Information

Our range of FirePillow - 240 covers all applications. Fire Pillow s are the most common - treated fabric bags containing fire retardant granulated rockwool, securing penetrations in fire rated construction against the passage of smoke and the spread of fire. They are best suited to environments where pipes, telecommunications cables, cable trays and service shafts penetrate a fire - rated wall or floor.

We also supply High Performance FirePillows and Intumescent FirePillows for environments where water, oil, chemicals and greater protection are required.


FirePillow - 240 are designed to fire rate wall and floor miscellaneous penetrations which may incorporate cables, ducts, metal pipes, bus bars or the like, where up to 3 hours integrity and 3 hours insulation are required.

FirePillow - 240 are fully compliant with AS1530.4 - 1997 and AS407 2.1 - 1992.


The pillows can be used to seal an opening in a floor or wall to a maximum width or height of 400mm by any practical length. The sealing of the pillows is achieved by ‘pillow pressure’ and the use of fire resistant mastic to fill in void s around various pipes, cables and penetrations. The pillows should be stacked tightly in the direction of the least span (up to 400mm) and restrained on the sides by wall section or pillows.

Working from one side of the opening additional pillows should be stacked in the same direction and packed in tightly against the sides of the pillows already installed.

The appropriate sized pillow should be packed around various pipes, cables and penetrating elements, then fire rated sealant used to a depth of 25mm to seal any gaps or voids around the pillows or penetrating elements.

The method of stacking the pillows can vary depending on the shape and dimensions of the various elements that are penetrating the wall or floors.

Testing & Specification

Testing has been carried out at Warrington Fire Research for 3 hours and achieved the following certification:

Test No F91876 (12 June 2001) Test for fire pillows protecting openings in masonry walls when tested in accordance with AS1530.4 - 1997 sections 2, 4 & 10, and AS4072.1 as appropriate.

Test No F91879 (12 June 2001) Test for fire pillows protecting openings in concrete floors when tested in accordance with AS1530.4 - 1997 sections 2, 4 & 10 and AS4072.1 - 1992 as appropriate.