25mm Retrofit Collar - Stainless Steel - 2 Hour Fire Rated

Part Number: MFBFCR25

Pipe collars are designed to stop fire, smoke and hot gases passing through wall and floor penetrations and service holes where combustible pipes penetrate.

The Fire Collar System will:

  • Close down plastic, pvc and other polymer pipes and conduits
  • Prevent the spread of fire and smoke through a building by containing it at the origin
  • Maintain the integrity of escape routes from a building
  • Reduce the loss and damage to a property from smoke and fire
  • Maintain important pressure differentials between compartment and ventilation channels
  • Pipe collars offer 2hr fire rating to walls and floors on common combustible pipe types

Product Details

Box Quantity
Fire Rating
2 Hour
Stainless Steel
Single Units
Size (Thread/OD)

More Information

  • High performance 2 and 3hrs Fire Rating
  • Approved for Plasterboard, Masonry and Speedpanel walls & floors
  • Simple to use and install
  • Improved acoustic properties
  • Sizes available from 25mm –330mm diameter
  • Tested to AS1530.4

Retrofit Fire Collars prevent the spread of fire where PVC and PE plumbing pipes penetrate concrete fire walls and floors. Also for use on PP-R pipes, and polybutylene pipes.

Fire Collars are suitable for on walls and floors. With the addition of the optional ‘click on’ flange oversize holes may be accommodated.

Unlike intumescent assisted mechanical damper type fire collars, Fire Collars contain no fusible links or moving parts to require servicing. As the fire stopping intumescent material in our product is around the outside of the uninterrupted pipe it does not affect the performance of the pipe.


The collars are designed to be bolted to the underneath of the concrete floor or surface mounted to walls. In wall situations one collar should be used on the outside of each face of the fire rated wall.

To fit the collar, open the collar by twisting the body to unlatch the holding clip and widen the opening to allow it to wrap around the pipe. Close the collar around the pipe and refasten the holding clip.

Using all fixing tabs, fasten with an approved all-steel anchors to the fire rated wall or floor. To ensure an acoustic and smoke seal around the pipe use FireMastic-300fire rated sealant